For a student reading is not an option, but for a student who loves to read, that habit itself becomes a work. When you start a blog about the work soon it turns into stress (Being Lazy plays a major role)

Not that the reading itself turns to stress, it’s the trying to keep up with reading and trying to find a reason to keep reading that’s the hard part.  Few months back I was so leisure that all I ever did was read and in a few days span all of that changed and now the change is forcing me to choose between hobby and necessity, obviously the necessity to study for my exam will be chosen that a leisure read.

A few weeks and few exams later the habit becomes past tense. You get so involved in the resourceful reading that helps you academically, that the beautiful crime novels pile up on your to read list. This is when you realize that I don’t read coz I have to, I read coz I love to and writing about it just makes sure you don’t lose the lovely habit you love to do, but keeping up is quite hard.

I fell in love with books in  late teens and I’ve grown to love blogging now in my early 20s, these (*and someone really caring) remind me of keeping this blog alive. So I need to find reasons to keep reading and keep blogging and here’s a few to keep me reading:

  • The Peace: Seriously the peace of mind you get by reading even the most gory book is unbeatable.
  • Stabilizing My brain: Most of the time I’m either running like a headless chicken or just laying there doing nothing productive. That middle ground can only be found through reading (At least for me)
  • Vocabulary: I am crazy for new words, I wanna learn as many words as possible before I die and what better way than this. Also I’ve been saying “What’s that called?” a lot now a days, gotta put an end to that.
  • Writing Ideas: Not every reader writes, but I believe every writer should read, the more you read the more inspiration and the more you discover your style of reading.
  • Knowledge: As much as I love reading fiction I also love reading fact books, I believe that’s the only way I will ever be interested in any topic at all. Tell me something, I’ll never listen, recommend me a book in that category, I’ll learn more than you want me to understand.

These reasons seem to do the work. fewer the better, easier to remember. May be October will turn out better for my reading 🙂 🙂


Grace Anne


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