“Every true genius is bound to be naive.”

    — Friedrich Schiller

Published in 1804 with the edition of 7000 copies in the first year, this play was a new take on the Swiss folk hero William Tell.

Friedrich Schiller was inspired to write about him by his wife, Schiller was friends with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This play is my second read in drama, I can now say dramas seem more intriguing than prose to me, not that my love for prose is gonna vanish, but I did enjoy this play better than my first read.

“No heart of noble temper brooks injustice”


The play gets interesting for me from the scene where Gertrude, wife of Stauffacher, urges him to take on fight with Gessler, governor of Schwytz and Uri. The main line of the story being the downfall of Gessler as he brings havoc in the country.

“Hands can destroy whatever hands have reared”

  — Tell

Even though I did enjoy reading the play, this wasn’t the play about William Tell completely. There were many intriguing characters and to get to Tell you need to really wait a while!!(Patience is not my virtue)

“Words will not make a heart that’ heavy light.”

   — Tell

It really didn’t pull me in as much as Faust!! But it is a honest read. Now I don’t know the real legend of William Tell, probably should have read before hand, but I’ve read from other reviews that this play didn’t match up to the real story.

“Peace to the peaceful rarely is denied”

— Tell

If a book takes beyond two chapters to get to the main theme, it drags me away from the book. Characters which I like should be existing till the story hits the theme, the women I took a liking to disappeared after a scene, it did kill my interest and had a busy week to add it up. Happy to say I’ve completed after a sleepless afternoon,(which is dead necessary for me, if you knew me).

“To die is nothing, but to have life, and not have sight — oh, that is misery indeed!”

— Melchthal


Would I read this again?? Probably not!! Drama I love, draggy I don’t. I know people who like it will probably hate this review but its more of a personal review so yea I am happy I read it and done with it, but this wont be on my to read again list!!


Grace Anne


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