So January is ending!! On a weekend!! Which makes you feel real cozy yet gives you awkward amount of time to think of what did we do this January.
Seriously what did I do?? It went by too fast, here I was celebrating new years with my loved one and suddenly I’m stuck up in books with my sem exams!!
To be named the month of resolutions it turned out to be when did it even start or end month!! Don’t know whether it’s an apocalyptic issue of days passing by too fast or it’s jus me getting better at skipping days way fast, either way January is gone and so is the cold weather here.
Now coming to things I’ve accomplished I think I got better at time management didn’t get to the blog management yet. But still I seem to have get better at doing stuff properly in time. Then again I can’t tell the difference coz it’s mostly reading round the clock!!
Can’t wait to be done with my exams
Grace Anne


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