Yesterday I was looking for ideas to do another art post and I needed a good book or material to keep it stored. I was leaning towards doing something real simple like an exercise sheet for beginners as I am interested to learn a few simpler techniques to make my drawings look a bit refined.

As I was running a Pinterest search of inspirations, I found a really cool quote hand written. I’ve always wanted to try something like that as my writing in itself was somewhat appreciatively good.

But all I had for source was a ruled book or plain soft paper, which dragged to me do another search. I did find a really raw sketch of a woman sunbathing and wanted to give it a go of my style. Which I roughly started sketching on the soft paper.

As I was doing some reading and cleaning simultaneously, which we all know is 96% reading, an old diary popped out from underneath the mess of ages. Which instantly pushed me to start a small calligraphy quote no excuses.

I pushed the Woman Sunbathing aside and picked a small quote that really got my eye


I think anyone with an interest in calligraphy would point out a million errors, but I am kinda loving it.

So now I placed the entire dairy to such quotes of lil encouragement whenever I needed it or plainly got bored. Not completely an art project, Calligraphy is still a beautiful art form which I am very much intersted to get good at.


Grace Anne


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