What do you do???

Everyone has a unique and a very surprising answer if you can get them to answer truly. Most of the answers to this would be quite the opposite of a person’s social behavior. You can know a person all your life and you’d still not know a lil detail somewhere and this question often falls in that category.

As I am writing this down I do realize that I am not gonna maybe put the most honest answer ever but surely I can keep some truth, after all who would like telling all their secrets and silly details out loud.

I must have posed this question to quite a few people and the answers are not as exciting as you’d think. Most of the blame goes to technology, believe me I am all about technology making lives easier, even if it replaces humans some day. Yet at times like these I wonder can people ever be alone to actually explore their horizons.

If we actually think actually think about it, we are supposed to be alone when we aren’t surrounded by anyone physically, even when you are at home with everyone absent, rather than picking up do something that projects the creative, fun and relaxing side of our brains, our hand runs to pick up the closest electronic device.

May as well start with your Mobile, Laptop and as well end up with the “Best at making people lazy” electronic – The Television.

Even though most of my inspirations comes from electronics, Kindle – duh! I am the person who’d jus love to lay in bed with nothing to do except brainstorm about all the silly things, that can never happen ever, for hours. That just gives me a sea full of ideas which I am never gonna use, but out that sea shines a pearl.

Funny fact is we need apps to help us cut down on the screen time, kinda like killing the snake with its own venom.

Whatever the process, it is to be observed that we all are a deprived of that “When no one’s watching.. ” time of our own. Apart from the laying my lazy ass on bed when I’m alone, the silliest thing I do when no one is watching is I enact.

Yes!! I very much become an actress of an Oscar standard. Who’s judging, right!! 😉

I’d love to hear the fun, silly things you do when no one’s watching!! Keep Being Crazy and Creative!! 😀


Grace Anne


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