It is not a coincidence that my phone decides to fall and break just after a day of my critiquing them to bad for brains.

Seems like a cliché but these kind weird things happen only to me. Last week I went into a footwear store and I immediately didn’t like the vibe of it. So I whisper to self ‘what a bummer’ , in-spite of that I had to buy some shoes and it had to be then. After a hour long of search I did buy a shoe, tried it on felt a lil different but thought ‘Ok these are new, might take a time or two to feel good’. So I go home with all bright and shine of new footwear happiness only to find out that he gave a completely different match up for the pair. That made me furious.

I had to go all the way to the store to get them exchanged, and the manager did hear a good loud voice of mine. (used red for drama!! Too much?? Perhaps)

Now I’ve made a beautiful post of How machines are eating out our life and almost immediately my phone decides to go for a suicide, a day before my birthday!!! These kinda things truly must happen only to me!! Coz no one, mind me, NO ONE deserves these kind of silly frustrations.

Out goes the phone, with it dies my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Google+. I’ve just started tweeting regularly, got the hang of Instagram and finally got logging into Facebook once in a couple of days, yes I am a person. live and breathing who doesn’t login onto Facebook regularly. But now that has become the only source for my contact with people important, apart from the Samsung corby which is my machine to answer and make calls, If you haven’t heard of it you should google it. I am trying to save it up to future, so I can make money off of it when it becomes an antique, it’s almost there already.

All the frustrations aside, may be I should more careful before I say anything negative about any electronic or material ever again. Hoping everyone else is having a better day.


Grace Anne


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