Think I definitely need a second read to actually write an honest review. There is no saying how beautiful the story is built and the characters, though many, shined so bright. In the era of books being written focused on only one or two characters and a few villains, this book gives you a lot of characters to enjoy the read.

As of the writing in itself is complex to the writings of present literature, it is very hard to keep point at some chapters. It does take time to understand the flow and nature of language, the complexity of words but is worth the hard work at the end.

What I loved most about this is as sisters Jane and Elizabeth Bennet are so diverse yet have their own similarities. Both these sisters are the extremities of a women’s character, one which is looking at positives and being kind and the other being rational and always expecting the worst from people. Every woman has a bit of both, which is a positive and negative all by itself.

Though a lot of reviews and discussions I’ve heard were regarding Mr.Darcy, I wasn’t as taken away by him. Maybe because that kind of strong, mysterious, secluded and romantic hero male protagonists have increased by a large number. I do realize that Mr.Darcy is different but he doesn’t seem unique enough to raise a flare within me.

Even though it is a romance novel, all that shined for me is Elizabeth & Jane and their adaptions for different scenarios. I am in love more with the sisters than Mr.Darcy.

Also worth a mention is Mrs.Bennet whose sole aim was to get her daughters married, which quite resembles the present moms of Indian heritage a bit. How irritating it gets sometimes to pick on the marriage to be done soon topic.

All in all I am definetly gonna read this again, firstly to get a easier read this time and also coz I think it gives pleasure to a feminist mind like mine.


Grace Anne




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