It is completely different to what I’ve read ever.

That’s the first thing that popped into my head. “Different.”

It really was an easy read, the style of writing is so smooth and fluent, it just sings so soft. The style of writing I felt was a bit similar to the book Adultery by Paulo Coelho, but it was nowhere near as boring.

I would’ve probably never picked this up, if I weren’t to come across it’s review on this blog called A Strange Girl. Being a cis woman (a word which I learned from this book) I was opened up to many unknown or rather not much discussed issues of non cis people.

Though some might be the issues only people struggling with gender identity have to face on a daily basis, some of the minor and provoking issues mentioned are applicable to pretty much everyone. This is what makes this a good read. Even though you have no experience of what it feels like, you still connect to Maria Griffiths.

“On one level you just went along with what was going on but on another you mythologized what a cool outlier you were and so you internalized a sense of your own weirdness as a badge of pride even as you emotionally dissociated yourself from it.”

That sentence right there definitely reminds you of something from the past and you go, Hmm sounds like me somewhere.  Even the repetitive use of “I’m trans” reminds you of the times when you have to keep saying something to yourself again and again just so you don’t feel like what you are feeling or thinking isn’t true.

I love how the author even though at some particular points could’ve left the line there, author added a little bit of extra. Like at the end of the chapter 17 the author could’ve ended at “She(Maria) gets a bagel on the way back.” I mean honestly if that is where the chapter ended no one would question, but then again the author goes ahead and adds “Sesame seed, sun-dried tomato tofu cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, salt and pepper.” Which made me smile, thinking about the little investments to make sure the connection between reader and the protagonist are strong

Even though not a happy ending story, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was something truly different and felt true.

Do check out the blog where I found the review, inspiring me to read this book A Strange Girl by Cosmonette


Grace Anne





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