Every now and then, everyone who writes does feel a bit of this.


Imposter Syndrome, In simple words it is a feeling you get when you write something and as you read it your head goes, ‘Doesn’t it look like someone already wrote that somewhere’ or ‘That is so not original’ or ‘You don’t have what it takes to do this‘ etc.,

I’ve underlined the last bit, coz that is totally my brain. Everyday I login in and check the count of views/visitors and even though I know I am improving, I totally get discouraged by the figures.

I know it’s bad to compare, that any progress is better than no progress.

Also it’s not like I’ve been doing this for ages and haven’t gotten any viable response. I’ve discovered really great blogs, some new just building up blogs and have been nominated for Liebester award third time around which is totally cool.

But somehow it all falls apart, when I am in my bed late at night, thinking what more can I do. I pick up at all the little mistakes and over speculate the faults of things I am doing wrong.

I read this article of how to keep writing even when you feel like an Impostor and it really did help for most part. The only thing you can do as a writer is to write no matter what. That is why this post, even though I don’t feel like writing anything right now.


Grace Anne


3 thoughts on “Impostor Syndrome

  1. I find the imposter syndrome can find its way into many areas of life not just in writing. In my own life when this syndrome shows its face it is when I am feeling less than courageous. Sometimes (maybe even a lot of times) we have to swallow our fears and decide to be courageous anyway.

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