Do self help books really help?

I have a really bad memory, like there is nothing in this world that I can’t forget, hence I forgot what happened so drastic that I fought with my boyfriend to the point where I “gave” him an option to go search for a better girlfriend but I remember my brain going, This is it! This is the last alarm in your head going if you don’t get your shit together you will destroy everything nice and worth having in your life.

So I turned to my best friend, BOOKS. I didn’t really search for a book on anger and emotional drama but I came across a blog post mentioning this book named Unglued and it called to me literally.

Quick review about Unglued: it’s a God filled book, like really God filled book. The author is a christian to an extent where she will always find a place for the word God on every page. Well the book was about finding to stay put your feelings through God. Now I am not an atheist, but doesn’t mean I look for God in every aspect of my life, but I do find some calm in the almighty at times. This book just rolls you up in God blanket and throws you God goggles. I did love the fact that the author was really practical and quirky at times, book was a good read and I did pick some worthy to apply points. Not so much for readers who are atheist or gravely question his presence, but if you do like god and can bare his name repetitively and you feel like your emotions go haphazard and you attack the person you love dearly than tackling the issue, this book is for you.

Now I’ve read a big deal of posts saying self help books never really give out the output that they promise to do. I don’t know what went wrong for them, but here are three things that will help you get a better result next time (Maybe):

  1. Re-read: This is like the most important thing that I can’t stress enough about. I know we’ve all done a little skimming here and there while reading once or twice. I am a fast reader and I do skim a lot, but I’ve practiced on grasping the whole concept even with skimming and it’s gone to an extent where I start to skim a drastic lot. Books as such these get really “Oh I already know this shit” kinda and you start to skim a little and your eyes go awry. Re-reading is what helps to get over that feeling, our brains no matter how developed have a bad control on habits and emotions, so reading or telling once what’s the right thing or what’s better will never give any control no matter what. So you have to give any self help book more than one read before completely denying its impact.
  2. Highlighted notes making: I know this isn’t an exam you are preparing for and I am not saying you have to take a notes literally and point write everything you see important. But I’d definitely recommend you to pick and highlight a set of very important lines or phrases or quick fixes and intense solutions, you ask WHY? Because when you are so angry you could eat a human you can’t physically search the entire book to find that one phrase which had something to do with this kinda situation. That is just a personal example, I am sure you can relate to similar situations in your life. Your life’s hardest situations become a whole lot easier when you know where to look at to find the right thing do, and highlighting helps you with that
  3. Follow up: So you’ve done reading it, read it even couple of times now you feel complete bliss. Yes we’ve all been there, but when you are even at that bliss, jus going through those highlighted parts makes you realize where you are and how far you’ve come. Trust me no bad can come from this. You will either realize that you’ve come to a place where you wanted to or you’ll find you’ve been slacking on the work needed to be done.

If anyone in this world can help anyone, it is none other than other human. What best way can anyone help than put it all in one place of things that they’ve gone through which are more or less similar to yours.

Books help, because they are written by another person who’ve faced a lot or a few of your situations and are openly offering up to you. Do give them a chance, a true read and I can guarantee it wouldn’t disappoint you, Ever!!


Grace Anne


8 thoughts on “How to Let Self Help books truly Help You

  1. Reading books is the greatest thing that anyone can do in my opinion to improve their life, more importantly reading personal development books and any books that will teach you how to live a better life, not books like Twilight. I guess if you want to read those books for pleasure it’s fine, but books are defineitly important. re-reading and highlighting is also definitely needed in order to remember what it is you actually read, nice post:)

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