In a world filled with 2 acronyms in a sentence, can people of this generation really read long poetry??

The first book I picked up for reading was P.S. I Love You in college when my friend suggested the book to me. I really loved reading but never really had access to books of any sort, No I don’t live in a jungle. I’m just from a time and place where money was not to be spent on books or library card, at least on non academic books.

So eventually when I started reading P.S. I Love You, I did not complete it the first time. I lied to her that I did so she wouldn’t called me a poser. But I wanted to finish it, so I borrowed the book again and this time I read it completely. I remember feeling utter bliss at the end of it and I went “I need to read more”. That’s when I picked up  Harry Potter, I mean what else, right!!

Now during my English literature Degree days, I read William Wordsworth’s The Daffodils. It isn’t a big poem compared to some of other older poets, so I thought maybe I had a love for reading poems too. So when I started this blog I had an epiphany to read the oldest of the books I can find and no surprise they were Cantos.

To the most part I really understand the language and the meaning behind the poem, maybe coz I have a literature degree, but a few times I totally drown in the poem. I have no idea what the author is saying about or where suddenly the woman who the hero jus made love with turned out to be married, I mean was that mentioned before?? I even go back a few lines and try to find the source of it but no do, I totally fail so I jus move on to the next.

Now reading Prose is a easy task. The story just flows, and even if you miss something, a quick recap of few lines and you’ll find the answer. If I like a book, I mean If I really like a book, I’ll finish it in a day. I’ll completely ignore the entire world and jus get into the book and crawl into it and make a nest.

This didn’t happen with poetry and Canto verses yet.

I am currently reading Don Juan, which I always am confused with Jon Duan, I have no idea why. I am up to review it this Thursday and it seems like I have to see the movie version of it to tally if I actually got the story right, my Professor would kill me right now if she saw this. I really try to get indulged and I do to some extent. I feel so excited that I am finally getting the meaning behind it and suddenly there is something that I read and go, wait where in the world was that now.

Do you guys, any poetry readers, have an easy way or simple steps to stick to reading poetry without losing your head??

If you do, I am Grace Anne and I am in grave need of it. Would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section.


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