A beautiful read, which definitely deserves a read again, if only I could complete it first! Huh!!

If you read my last post on struggle with reading poetry, which definitely should not be a struggle with an English Literature Graduate, (In my defense I read Indian Literature which has shorter plays, there might have been longer ones I just didn’t read them) I couldn’t complete it with all my struggle. Reading books a struggle?? Who’d have thought.

Now, now, don’t get all judgmental and angry on me for not taking it as a fun read, after all it’s a romance right?? I only realized it was a romance after I got to the fourth Canto. Which is exactly where I am still. 10 more to go or so.

Maybe I am just a prose girl, and admitting that is kinda making me feel a little not intelligent. I mean what kinda girl who loves reading can not find fun in poetry. My kindle tells me I still have 9hr 33min of the book remaining to read, which is the exact amount of time it said when I was in my first Canto. I know what you are thinking, Did you try refreshing it?, Oh yes I did, multiple times. But it doesn’t change I don’t know why. That just kicks my nerves a little that I can’t get this to complete. Now with all the blabbering about my incompetency to complete reading a Play, Here’s how I felt about it till now.:

After much later realization that it was a romance, I started to kinda hate Don Juan, the writer of course seems kinda misogynist, after all he mentions only twice or 5 times how much he can guarantee that women can’t be loyal to their husbands, like husbands never ever cheat on wives now, do they?

There is cannibalism in the second Canto. I am the most fast ‘giving in’ kinda person, not giving up but giving in. If I were stranded on a ship with no food or water except a couple of people, I definitely would not eat people, no matter how tasty Hannibal seems to be cooking them on the TV show Hannibaloh how I loved that show and his cooking. I would never eat people, I’d rather stand up and yell out to god like the guy on wheel chair in Forrest Gump does (I am very bad in name memory), “bring it on” and I am gonna starve to death.

Coming to Don Juan himself, He doesn’t seem hero kind to me, he kinda runs away than face situations numerous times. Yes he is described to be very beautiful and irresistible, but he sounds egoistic, was that the theme of heroes back then?? Who cares. I din find him alluring with his mind set of just forgetting the girl he just said he can never forget in a second after he says that and marries another, playing victim.

Author seems very witty and does have a great sense of humor, if only he didn’t target out women multiple times I would’ve added him to my favorites. He has a great way of rhyming and matching up every scenario to a nuptial references. (word I learned, his courtesy).

All in all, it was a not good read for me.This is by far the most negative review I’ve ever given and I feel guilty already. If you’ve read it and have a different or any opinion I am all ears in the comments section. Thank you!! 🙂


Grace Anne.


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