Everyone has some kind of knowledge to be shared and the best way to share them is through making a quick How To post for easy and quick accessible understanding for others

Now who doesn’t love a “How to” post. We are humans, by default we love instructions and directions, some quick tips to almost everything. The blogging world has a great appreciation for such posts, you ask Why?? because there are people always looking for help and who more can help better than other humans, US!!

My boyfriend, recently turned blogger, asked me to review a post of his. His post idea was actually brilliant and as soon as I read it I thought, this could make a great “How to” post. Now me being the control freak as I am, I started forcing him to turn it into a how to post rather than go with his own flow. He is one hard man to convince, not only did he in his own loving way told me politely that he is gonna stick to his idea, but he also made it a lil point like post for my liking.(you can read his post here.)

At this moment Rock of Ages started playing in the background and 
the author,Grace Anne, totally lost the idea of what she was writing, 
If nothing makes sense from here on, it isnt your fault.

Now any post has it’s own value, I just think How to’s are better answers to a lot of things, and if you like to write a “How to” post but don’t know how, here is a little ‘How To’:

  1. Have a clear and true knowledge:  This is your blog, you just dont wanna share half knowledge information about what you are writing. Quality matters a lot. So if there is something you think you have a clear knowledge about just cross reference it and make sure you are sending out valuable information.
  2. Filter and keep it simple: When you wanna write a How To, or any post with points to be mentioned, points just seem to pop up in your head, n number of points. Of course a lot of it is valuable, yet there will specific points that need to be trimmed or clubbed. In all honesty, people don’t like reading long lists for simple solutions, my ideal count is 3 to 5, steps or points what ever it may be. Keeping those few points elaborate and unambiguous is rather very important.
  3. Pick a side: Most How to posts or something like that posts, usually give you an option to pick either, if I did know to pick either I wouldn’t be reading that, now would I?? State it clearly why you choose to do things way and why this particular would suit your reader too. Makes things a lot simpler for the person reading.

I really dont know how much of this makes sense, coz my mind is distributed in a million directions right now. But I do hope I helped.


Grace Anne.


6 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps to turn any topic into a “How To” post

  1. that’s cool that you both blog, like a power couple kinda thing:) I think that the format doesn’t really matter though as long as the content is good, whether that’s a how to, a list post or an actual article format. nice post though:)

    Liked by 1 person

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