Everything art amuses me!!

Apart from my immense love for reading and writing, I’ve always loved to draw, sketch or doodle every chance I got. Fashion sketches, fashion illustrations has been something that I’ve wanted to learn professionally yet could not for many different reasons.

Even though I didn’t actually learn professionally, I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and certain blogs and did what I call a “Try”!

The image below was one of my first creation, it looks like someone took a skirt and ripped it in parts and called it a dress. I know it’s horrible beyond words, but I kinda like it (it’s my work after all isn’t it). You can also see the lil scribble “1st” written on the upper right corner.

I have a thing for Plunging Neck lines and long skirts/pants

As you can see, I am incapable of drawing hands and feet, but that is not important right!!

So after much given thought of what I should pick as a theme for my Art Series section, I came up with Fashion sketches and here is my second 1st fashion sketch.


Now I know it’s not perfect, but I had to post it even if I didn’t like it as much.

I am working my way up to a wedding dress and I am gonna take some tutorials and go in deep and serious, but for now, for me to get started I have to post this even if I am not ready.

Next week I promise to bring in a better sketch by a million.


Grace Anne


8 thoughts on “Fashion Sketch Series: 01

  1. These are great! I love that you’re putting your stuff out there — so many don’t because they worry it’s “not ready yet.” Your sketches are amazing and you certainly don’t need hands or feet when you draw a dress as amazing as the one in the photo. I also have a thing for long with plunging necklines. I look forward to following your work.

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