Every once in a while, everyone for sure, wonders what defines them. The ultimate question of, “What makes me ME!” I’ve stumbled upon the question more frequently in the past few years.

If you are anything like me, you’d need an app for everything, making lists, keeping reminders, diary, fitness etc. So it’s no wonder I use the app Calm for my meditation everyday. I even use it in the background while writing posts, they offer such soothing music. Helps me concentrate.

The app provides this 10 minute calm session everyday with a theme, like acceptance, self compassion, empathy and a lot more. A few days back the theme being thoughts, the host quoted the below..

Everything that disappears when you are not thinking is not real.

That would be a lot of things, future worries, past resentments, plans, memories almost everything. That everything is a major part of who we are. How can something such majorly not define even a part of us.

With my bad memory I forgot the name of the person who said the above quote, even though the host told me. So I turned to my assistant, Google. Unfortunately it didn’t show me who said it and the more I searched the more I forgot the quote in its true form. But another quote caught my eye..

Thoughts don’t define us, actions do!

This confused me a little, isn’t the thought like the pre-stage for action? How can you perform something or do something having not thought about it? I am pretty sure when you watch a mind-boggling movie or discover something that deserves a great appreciation, your first instant reaction would be, ‘the thought right there is so great’. We appreciate the thought first then the action.

Now I know they are talking about the negative thoughts or lazy thoughts that never see the light of day, but through all those dirt comes a lotus. Thoughts are valuable, they are the seed to any success or failure.

How do you separate something of that major influence on a part of who you are from who you truly are?

Do let me know in the comments section below..


Grace Anne.


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