Mid-afternoon sunlight, gleaming through the window slit, forms a nameless fearful monster shadow on the wall across. I turn my site away to the roof, yet I can still feel the monster glaring at me. It’s all dark except for the little light from the window slit, I can hardly see the ceiling fan moving, I know it’s there, the cool breeze, the creaky sound are proof enough for me to tell it is there, but I can’t see it. Much like the pain I am in now, the feel of pain in every inch of my body, the tears rolling down my sides, my dry throat are all proof of the existence of pain, but why can’t I see it?

“What are you doing, still laying down there? We are done, you need to leave, get up.” he stuffs everything he can find of mine into my bag. Watching the absence of movement in my body, he holds me by the arm and yanks me up. “I said, UP, NOW” throws my dress onto my face. Placing my bag in my lap, his tough hands pull my chin up, thumb wiping away the tear, “These won’t help anyone sweetie,” he says bringing a smirk which makes me gag a bit, maybe he realizes that, tightens the grip on my chin, “Get me money and you can be free” he grins throwing the chin to the side.

The door shuts with a thud behind him, I need to get dressed and leave, he won’t be gentle if he has to come in and tell me to leave again. I put on the dress and take my bag and leave the house, he signals me to get the money rubbing his thumb.

How did I ever fall into this trap of this ugly violent monster, and I thought he loved me. Why wouldn’t I? I was so dumb, naive and thought I knew everything about everything. Will I ever get out of this? I can’t even ask my family, coz I know they’d lock me up in a remote place until he gives up on trying to find me. That will be their only solution.

I press my thumb against the doorbell, feeling tired and heavy, the door swung open. I walked in without caring to look up, heading straight to my room. Only to be obstructed by mom. I look up thinking I am not up for any talk right now, but she held me tight by the arms, so tight I had to let my bag fall. “You think you can get away with anything” she yells pushing me on to the floor. It is then I realized the presence of everyone, all the set of eyes on me, they finally know!!

3 years later…

It’s all dark except for the little light from the window slit, I tried covering that light, making the whole room dark, yet it opens up.

“Are you ready?” My mom knocks before opening the door and lets herself in.

Seeing I haven’t changed my clothes and my red swollen eyes, she walks to me, her soft smooth hands pulling my chin up, my eyes still looking down, “These won’t help anyone sweetie” she says giving that all soothing smile, makes me gag a little. Her grip gets tight, “Get over it already,” wipes my tears “everyone is waiting, now take that look off the face” she says letting go of my chin, “Act like the daughter I deserve and soon you can be free” she murmurs slamming the door behind her.

‘Get over it already’, How am I supposed to get over something, without any kind of closure.

10 hours later…

It’s dark outside, I’ve found my love with darkness now. I look around through my veil, ‘it’s a really big room’, all in blue, maybe be purple I can’t figure it out in the dark. This heavy veil is hurting my neck, why is it so hot in here? I need to take this off.

I pull my hands out of my veil trying to reach behind the pins to take it off, but am interrupted with opening of the door. Light from the outside fills the room, all I can see is his shadow,suddenly the room feels so small, I find hard to take a breath. He walks closer to me, sits himself against me on the bed, “Is it heavy?” he asks softly, pulling the clips out of my hair and take off the veil in a smooth sweep.

I take in a deep breath, closing my eyes. He holds my chin, I open my eyes not daring to look up and the tears start rolling, this is all too old for me. He let goes of my chin even more softly saying “I am sorry, did I do something wrong?”

I look up, can only see his eyes and the worry filled in them. Of all the apologies I needed and waited for my whole life, comes one from a person who knows nothing of the storm inside of me.

Copyright 2016 Grace Anne

[The above story is a complete work of fiction by me, on the discover challenge of The daily post.This is my first fiction writing on the blog, do review please. This is also a part of series I am working on, you read the chapter next to this here ]


Grace Anne



20 thoughts on “Unreceived Apologies!

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this sooooo much! This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I was totally seeing this in my minds eye and didn’t want it to end but did because of the torment but loved how it ended….so so gooD!

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