‘Come on, get dressed, we are gonna cut the cake now’ she says, pulling the book away from my hands.Why should they force a celebration on me? Nothing that happened today feels any different than yesterday or the day before. All this celebration will ever do is mock me in the face that the people who care about this day can be counted on one hand, if that includes me.

Will they ever know my torment? Realizing that they never would, I pick myself up and get dressed to put on yet another masquerade for the millionth time.

‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to youuuu…’ God how it haunts me. Their happy faces, smiles, like nothing ever changed makes me curse myself for making it alive to the next birthday. “Quick, make a wish” she says which makes me realize that the I was staring at the cake long after they stopped singing.

I tuck my hair behind the ear, close my eyes silently wishing,’I wish not to make it to the next birthday’ blowing softly putting off the candles. ย 

5 Years later…

I turn around in sleep and am immediately taken into his warm arms, he inches closer to me. Seems too good to be true, which makes me wanna shut my eyes tighter. I can feel his fingers tracing the hair on my face, tugging it behind my ear loosely, his soft lips touching my forehead for a moment longer than required.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart” he whispers kissing my forehead again, pulling me closer by the waist. I can’t help but smile, I curl into him not opening my eyes and lay there like that for a good long moment.

“Wanna reply to all the messages baby? Your phone has been buzzing non stop” kissing my cheek he hands me my phone. I place it on the night stand muting it before, answering him “Not today baby!!” as I open my eyes to his smile, the pure and innocent smile. The smile which looks at me and says, ‘I know, and it’s okay’ rather than wanting me to act like nothing happened.

So many smiles as I slowly learn the difference of them all.

Copyright 2016 Grace Anne

[The above story is a complete work of fiction by me, on the discover challenge of The daily post. This is also a part of series I am working on, you can read the Chapter before it here, do review please :)]


Grace Anne


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