How many books you’ve picked up this year are of female authors? How many of them are translation works?  Until you pick up and go through you wouldn’t realize the vast gender inequality even in the translation of books. Won’t believe me? Check out the Stats yourself here

Being a strong feminist of nature yet a lazy reader, I am not surprised I haven’t caught up on this when it all started in 2014. WITmonth basically is an annual event encouraging to explore more books by women writers in translation. I’ve read quite a few books of female authors but translations not much, so if you are like me here is a database to help you with the list of books translated.

Mind you it not easy to find books by women writers in translation, I’ve searched a lot myself to have find something of interest and have stumbled upon Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu translated by Author waley.

As of my participation, I will be reading Tale of Genji and will be looking for other recommendations all this month. I can’t wait to see how different these reads will be for me on a perspective shade.

Also I am waiting for my new Harry Potter Cursed Child book delivery on Aug 4th (YAY!! can’t contain the excitement), and the specific translation reads are gonna make my month one hell of a great read!!

Still need a bit more info about Women in translation, here is a post to help you out with the details Click Here. Remember to share the tag, this is what WITmonth is all about, spreading awareness and appreciating women writers all over the world. For more latest news on efforts to address gender inequality in translation world check out the Tumbler site of the founders of Women in Translation


Grace Anne


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