To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge


Isn’t it astounding how much we gratify self with the knowledge of something minuscule. Yet we are shamed to ask about what we do not know just to avoid being embarrassed, since when did asking about things you do not know turn into a disgraceful act.

This is my take on on Blog a Rhythm‘s Day 2 of Bar-A-Thon

Even as a child I had no regret asking out loud if I didn’t know or understand anything, where as my classmates would act like they know and they search around later till they knew what the meaning was.

When I was in college and the SMS LINGO was catching on I was not as bright to catch up on some abbreviations, mostly because I thought that was a total murder of the language, but I was never shy to ask about what some words meant. I remember hanging out with girls and then someone said something in abbreviation and I asked, “What does that mean?” and everyone looks at me like I asked her to do a flip naked. Still as confused about the word I went ahead and dared ask again, she very annoyingly flips her hair and says “That’s something we just use, it doesn’t mean anything specific”

FYI I never say OMG really 😛 😛

Later on I did come to know by my good will friend that I was too stupid to ask in front of everybody. That was the waking moment for. I couldn’t just stop observing how much people fake knowing about things. They prefer lying than to be ridiculed by asking.

There are equal amounts of people who dumb themselves down as there are people who fake knowledge. The if you don’t know ask motto took its death long ago, but I still will be living on that. I also believe in fake it till you make it only if you truly attempt to make it

Knowledge is something to be proud about, a proud which can be justified only if you are open to learning more.

PS I only stumbled upon this challenge late last night so I couldn’t day one. Missed my chance at the Shinny Winner’s Badge, but still looking forward to the following days 🙂


Grace Anne


2 thoughts on “What you do not know!

  1. People are afraid to ask questions as it would make them appear dumb. If you do not ask, it will prevent you from learning! So simply ask away, that’s my mantra too.
    Thank you, Grace for being the part of the BAR-A-THON. I hope you’re having a great time meeting new and existing blog friends. Cheers!

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