‘But, we aren’t friends’, she hit send sliding the phone beneath the pillow. It was past midnight, she couldn’t keep her eyes open, neither did she wanted to say goodnight. Every time he replied, she texted him back, slid the phone under the pillow closed her eyes and waited while he replied. This was her solution to get her eyes to rest for good 30 second, he texts really fast.

The reply came even faster, she could feel the buzzing once, but she knew he’s sending another text. He always sends more than one text, she giggled thinking to herself. There it was, the second buzz, she pulled the phone from beneath.

‘I know we aren’t friends, but isn’t friendship the foundation for every relationship?’ she read, voicing the words and hearing them in his tone in her head. He always sounded like someone out of a book, ‘my novel prince’ she used to call him. Giggling softly, forefinger sliding on her lip, she scrolled down, ‘I mean, we jumped straight to a couple, we didn’t have that slow stages of friendship turning into love. Also I’d love to gloat to everyone about how my girl gave me a band ๐Ÿ˜‰ ;)’

That one made her laugh, ‘ahh! I love this man’ she thought to herself, couldn’t wipe the smile off her face since they started dating. Her eyes were killing her, ‘We’ll see’ she sent, knowing that it would just keep him wondering all night. Felt very proud of herself, ‘I’m really sleepy, We’ll talk tomorrow. Good night, Love you. xoxo’ and sent. She kept her eyes open long enough to see him reply the same with more Xs than Os.

A few days passed and so did friendship day, he didn’t remind her about the band but definitely didn’t forget about it. He was sure she forgot about it the next morning, which is quite natural as she really has a very bad memory.

‘Hey, I am done with my exam, can you come upstairs’ she sent him a text, hoping he already reached. She shoved her exam ID into the bag and checked her watch, ‘okay a good one hour’ she thought to herself. She checked her phone again to check if he got the message, which he did but didn’t reply. Guessing he might have not reached yet, she turned to the stairs and there he was gasping for breath. Poor thing, the lift was out of order, he had to climb three flight of stairs.

Yet he was smiling ear to ear, she responded the same. “Are you okay?” she asked, sliding her hand into his meticulously. “I.. feel.. sick” he gasped. He really was sweating too much.

“May be we should just go home” she said, failing to hide the disappointment. He leaned in, whispering “I am sorry,” tucking her bangs behind her ear. “It’s not your fault” she smiled, looking at him, raising her brows assuring him, it’s truly okay.

He hugged her tight and they started walking down the stairs, getting down a floor she realized she was forgetting something, “Oh wait, I have something for you” her eyes beamed. She pulled him to a halt, slip her hand into her bag and searched. He was looking at her amused, he always looks at her like that, making her blush.

She pulls out a red and white band, and his face brightens, I designed it for you she said softly. “No way!!” he said, sounding louder than he thought. “I did make it silly,” pulling his arm by the wrist she said, “Happy Friendship Day” she winked, securing it tightly on his arm

“And you thought I forgot, yeah?” she was wickedly happy and so was he.

Copyright 2016 Grace Anne

[The above story is a complete work of fiction by me, on the discover challenge of The daily post.]


Grace Anne


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