8 months into the year 2016, I am 23 books behind schedule as per GoodReads challenge. now I can make a million excuses of where the time went but nothing will compensate the 23 books lagging behind. Finally I’ve decided to make even and go on a book marathon for the next 6 weeks and here is the review of the three books I read this week:

Slipstream Time Hacking,

Benjamin P Hardy ****

This is a fairly quick read, I read it merely in half a day. In all honesty I will need another read to completely grasp the concept of slipstream in real life scenarios. The book does it’s best to explain what Slipstream scientifically means and how one can apply that in time hacking.


Book Bio:

Time is the number one currency of life
Time is the new money. People want it more than anything else. As you read SLIPSTREAM TIME HACKING and apply the principles contained therein, you will learn to:

Quickly design the life of your choosing.Add decades of quality time to your life. Achieve bigger goals than you can presently conceive.Command time rather than the other way around. This book will provide you a mind-bending and soul-expanding experience like no other self-improvement book you’ve ever read. The goal is to radically alter your entire perception of reality and what’s possible.

Take control of your time – take control of your life

Slipstream Time Hacking compels to you find the meaning of whatever it is you are doing in terms of time. Time is measured not in seconds, minutes or years but in form of distance, distance you’ve traveled in life. I found this to be very interesting and new. The biggest pro of this book is probably, insertion of quotes at the right passages.

Although it does have its perks, the fact of a missing pin points which are more of a classic self help books style makes it an incomplete end. Finding of the direction in which the book is leading you is left to you as you yourself have to discover those leaps of time.

Should you read it? Yes. It really is a short read, yet has a very intensive different approach in time management.

Also this is available free online, buy it on Amazon here

Sing me to Sleep,

Chris Simms ****

A couple moving into a new house, which is as old as it gets is the best classic horror story there is. Even though it is an already read kinda story, it definitely doesn’t give you the have I read this before feel. Again this was a short read too, I was at it all day and by next morning I was done.


Book Bio:

Laura and Owen’s new home should be lovely. But soon after moving into the secluded cottage on the edge of the Peak District, Laura starts to hear faint snatches of birdsong. Her husband, wrapped up in his job, is rarely at home. Nervous and confused, Laura cannot decide whether the noise is real – or is coming from inside her head. Her doctor can find nothing wrong with her hearing. Then an archaeological dig on a neighboring hill unearths some disturbing finds – and Laura’s life starts to become terrifying.

As all horror or crime novels, this book also builds up so much on anticipation from the beginning. There is a lot to be discovered upon slowly in the pages as you go, but there still were a few interesting details left behind. The anticipation of what’s happening is what made me read it without breaks that weren’t obligatory.

There is a major portion of Laura’s past that keeps being referenced, but eventually it never surfaced and that is a bit disappointment of where it went. A physical change in Laura isn’t also solved or relieved in the end. Such little details left behind kinda gives a unsettling feel at the end.

Should you read it? A personal preference is all I can say.

This is also available on Amazon, you can buy it here.

We were Soldiers Once… and Young

Lt. General Harold Moore & Joseph Gallaway ***

Even though there is already a movie out based on this book starring Mel Gibson, as tempted as I was, I was holding it off to complete this book and then watch it. movies always kill the interest of reading the book for me.


Book Bio:

Each year, the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps selects one book that he believes is both relevant and timeless for reading by all Marines. The Commandant’s choice for 1993 was We Were Soldiers Once . . . and Young.
In November 1965, some 450 men of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, under the command of Lt. Col. Hal Moore, were dropped by helicopter into a small clearing in the Ia Drang Valley. They were immediately surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. Three days later, only two and a half miles away, a sister battalion was chopped to pieces. Together, these actions at the landing zones X-Ray and Albany constituted one of the most savage and significant battles of the Vietnam War.
How these men persevered–sacrificed themselves for their comrades and never gave up–makes a vivid portrait of war at its most inspiring and devastating. General Moore and Joseph Galloway, the only journalist on the ground throughout the fighting, have interviewed hundreds of men who fought there, including the North Vietnamese commanders. This devastating account rises above the specific ordeal it chronicles to present a picture of men facing the ultimate challenge, dealing with it in ways they would have found unimaginable only a few hours earlier. It reveals to us, as rarely before, man’s most heroic and horrendous endeavor.

This is a totally out of my zone book. My love for fantasies never really let me read real life stories and memoirs or biographies let alone fall in love with them. It was really hard to have read a book which wasn’t in a story format and more of a excerpts from interviews of several people. Nothing excites more than reading war, and it was true at times.

Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes on emojidex 1.0.19

It being a real war, the number of people dying just made me a little nervous at times. Also the introduction of a lot of characters were made only after they were mentioned to be dead just a second ago. I didn’t have the chance to complete this yet, but this weekend I am gonna end it and also get to finally watch the movie. Can’t wait to watch MEL GIBSON!!

Should you read it? If you are into memoirs and War novels, this is perfect for you, others I think you’d better watch the movie.


Grace Anne



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