When you imagine a character or remind yourself of one from TV or movies the first thing that pops up is not their witty or wisdom filled words, but their demeanor. every character has certain set of clothes, hairstyle and make up that they do not drift from drastically. Take it Sam and Dean’s plaid shirts from Supernatural or a dress like robe of Prof Dumbledore, there is a uniformity to it, coz that is what keeps us connected, giving them a uniform sort of look is what makes us remember them and stay connected to them for long without having to trying to keep up with their rapid changing identities on the outside

Beauty is on the inside, is a fact that shines only when the outer layer has impressed you enough to want to explore the beauty within. But no amount of inner dirt can be covered by outer angelic appearance. “You need to look presentable” my mom always told us. no matter if it were to school or to a store around the corner, we always had to look neat and tidy. As a kid I used to hate the fact that I had to comb my hair twice a day, wash myself, get all tidy before I could go out to play, only to come back to do it all over again before bed. I’ve now come to appreciate it very much.

A lot of times we hear people saying, ‘Oh I just grab whatever I can and run’ which is in fact a lie, sometimes they don’t even know they are lying. Clothing, dressing up is a very personal thing, very intimate to each of us. So personal that our mood dictates of how we wanna look on the outside. We might not have time to dress up, but when we are feeling crappy we tend to pick darker shades than go with bright, put in the same hurry with a happy happy mood you’ll pick that yellow top you swore you’d never wear, only coz it felt too bright for you.

Look at your closet, you see that dress you bought long time ago, you might have never worn it and you probably never will, yet you very clearly will remember why you bought it. Such is the connection towards our clothes, jewellery and watches etc. We do not buy stuff to wear just coz it’s new model out in town, this isn’t like the battle of owning the latest model phone. It is something we own dearly, and yes you will have that one top or pair of pants that you just bought coz you were running low on a pair of them, but even those have a meaning of being substitutes.

Our outer layers are the art and craft of our own to transform ourselves, for that short period, to project the image we want people to see in us. Some times even acts as a shield, protecting us from being predictable and vulnerable to others


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