Being kind is a thing but being always kind gets you nowhere. Even Cinderella at some point had to say screw you stepmother or else she wouldn’t be able to try the shoe on by kindly asking her to let her go try it in front of the prince. There are always times in life where I was polite, kind and even apologetic for minute things, which were strongly responded with death glares. As a human being with only so much ability to take, when all of it summed up to the point ‘who even cares’ is when I realized people don’t deserve to be treated kindly, at least not all of them.

If you closely look at some easily forgettable situations like when you stomped someone’s toe accidentally or you turned around bumping into someone or even when you’ve offered a lil help or information realizing their trouble or something that’s caused them a lil discomfort. Now you’ve been respectful enough to apologize with a sorry and an extra added sizzling smile of yours only to be receiving a stare like you’ve murdered them or that you’ve taken away their first born and handed it over to the devil. Unfortunately that stare doesn’t vanish away with time, I’ve even at times thought maybe they didn’t hear my apology or couldn’t see my visibly sparkling toothpaste ad smile, so I give them a second apology with a smile that causes a pain in my cheeks and they just walk by with the same scrunched up face.

Now I wanna ask you, do you really think such people want an apology or want you to go down on your knees and massage their toe? Such people really deserve such decency and heartfelt apologies?

The even more unfortunate part of this situation is, even though you’ve thought to yourself I am not apologizing next time to such jerks, you will again, repeatedly. Mostly coz you never know if they are jerks unless you’ve received the stare and second is coz being kind and decent is so rooted into your system you yourself can’t deny the immediate manners.

It is very rare we meet people like us who apologize smoothly and accept as smoothly. ‘A random act of kindness is always appreciated’ is really a myth, until you can figure out who is really worth of such kindness and then every act of kindness from you is being received by people who know the value of it.


5 thoughts on “What They Want

  1. Just leave a few handful people Grace, the world is full of good people who will love your toothpaste smile – trust me. Being kind is being courteous and showing your moral values and ethical values, there is no need to change oneself because of an external force or reason which is not correct. That said, there should be some firmness and not agresiveness when you hav to prove yourself. This seperates the majority of people where they fail miserably.
    You have matured as a writer and a blogger. It took me so much time to figure out the 20 day concept and I liked it.
    Keep posting your posts and smile, have a good day.

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      1. Oh that’s so nice to hear and I am glad that I could be of some help. Do plan and take out some time for your creative side. Wish you a happy new year and lots of good news and prosperity. God Bless you 🙂

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