Let’s get this straight, Introvert not equals to shy! I know when you Google or look in to a dictionary it’s contradictory to that, but yet it is true. Being an introvert and being shy are completely different. With that being said, it’s no easy job to be dating an introvert, actually dating is never a job but you get gist.

The need for you to socialize is as high as their need for solitude.

Finding the correct balance between the two is a work of art. Obviously this isn’t only your responsibility; it’s a balance that must be figured out by both of you. No relationship is a one person job.

Pause. Think. Analyze. Argue

A lot of speculations, expected conclusions and talking it to self from every perspective are done before we find it right to start an argument. There is a specific time and place when we start it. You better be prepared coz we’ve already written all answers for the expected questions from you.

Friends? More like friend and another friend.

It’s hard to open up and takes a lot of energy and time to make that bond with someone for us. Mostly coz everyone is just breezing through with just outer details where as we need a deep meaningful connection to be able to open up to someone. Know and accept this fact that they’ll always only have very very few friends and it’s highly unlikely for them to make new friends.

We communicate better in writing

“We were together the whole day and now when we are away you tell me all this through text than talk?” is a phrase my boyfriend is too tired to repeat. There is just something about putting it down in writing that makes us wanna discuss things or open up on a deeper level. You see us struggling to tell something or talk, just text, even when we are across the table or two feet away, you’ll get better answers that way.

Over analyzing almost everything

Now this is a habit that everyone needs to get rid of, because it sucks the energy out of you. Yet it’s hard to stop. You have to be patient with us in regard to this specific and most complicated aspect of who we are. We’d like to take the over analyzing down a notch but it becomes second nature when you are always trying to find a deeper meaning to everything in life. The only way you can handle a situation where your partner can’t seem to get to the end of over analyzing a topic is by telling them the reality of it repeatedly until they acknowledge it too.

We may not want to be the center of attraction, or get along better in a crowd, or do get easily overwhelmed by large gatherings and sometimes our own thoughts, but what we do is understand you and know you to such a level that no one else would’ve ever known you. We care and observe a lot of little things that get unnoticed by many, but are blissful in a relationship.


6 thoughts on “DATING AN INTROVERT

  1. I can relate to this soooo much. I am a very, very, VERY introverted person. But you’re right, this doesn’t mean I’m shy. I do very well and ENJOY socializing with people in small groups of 3-4 and even more so 1 on 1. I start to withdraw and become literally tired when there are large groups and I absolutely can’t stand crowds. Interestingly enough, I do very well at public speaking – so I’m certainly not shy. I absolutely do over-analyze everything, and often the obvious and simple escape me.

    Everything you said in this post is 100% spot on for me, it was like reading about myself lol

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    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you could relate!! I often feel underappreciated as well when people tag me as shy, while the contrary truth is being unobserved. I absolutely love it when I finally open my mouth and they all go like phew that women aint shy. 😋😋😋 Never gets old. 😄

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