Ah!! NEW YEARS!! Love how they bring in new resolutions to be followed from tomorrow only to be broken for one last time tonight.  Oaths taken under grave alcoholic influence to try and be new, promises made to self to make new friends and take up new challenges, writing down the list of the year which constitutes more that 80% of last year’s list.

“Try something new this year” a suggestion that everyone throws on proudly feeling to be the only one to come up with ever such unique suggestion on a New Year night. New amazes us, excites us and promises us things that we don’t already have or make with the old in our life. So we begin to build up new layers in our life, splitting them into sections by purpose, deadlines, priorities and this process of setting up the new is more exciting than actually doing them. Yet while piling up the all new layers in our life the old and rusty layers we always loved but couldn’t keep up with, now are an inch away from turning into dust.

Trying new things is what we do while we have old habits which we left to change the essence of who we are in the stride to become someone who would be appreciated more. Finding new friends, learning new stories as compared to making new stories with the ones we already know. New is always so attractive, shiny and promising. Old is so boring and rusty unless someone somewhere brings it back into fashion when its turned to vintage. Vintage sounds interesting to us when people who lived that vintage where searching for new.

Everybody is doing new, “a new me” or “a new life” or “a new phone” and for some all three equally important. Why run for new, when you don’t even have time to appreciate the old which once was new too. The new today will be nothing more than a “oh a thing I tried once” tomorrow. This year take a pause, stop trying to fast forward life and tick off all the shiny new things. Rewind yourself a lil, pick up a book and remember how much serene you felt when you’ve finally reached the end. Get out your old tap dancing shoes and shine them again on your feet. Clean the dust of an old typewriter or even filter out those files on your drive where the stories you’ve written are hiding. Take a walk to places you always cherished. Take your kids out to the same ice cream store you all loved to go even if they’ve turned into horrendous teenagers now.

New is good, new is always beautifully attractive, but without the old, the old that made you who you are, the old that defines your interests in the directions of new you wanna do now, there wouldn’t be anything new that excites you. Speculating everything new you wanna try this time will lead you to the core habit of yours that has been buried. Bring out the old, make it more firm base and then look at the new.

Find the vintage self of yours and then pile on the new. The hold, strength and support of the old true you is what will make your new last long enough for it to become a part of you one day, to become something vintage that you love more than the new!

Happy New Year!!


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