‘Someone left a window open’ pulling her feet out of sheets, she sighed. ‘I deliberately told them not to leave it open’ she complained walking towards the balcony, feeling the breeze frolicking her cheek on left. The colored flashing of far away fireworks on her freshly bleached floor, creating an art of itself did nothing to her irritated mind woken up by the sound.

Eyes half wide open, sublimely reaching for the door knob her fingertips slam into the wall, waking her mind completely. “Damn wall!” a much more awoken irritated mind of hers yelled. Wanting to shut that door soon enough she forced her eyes wide open, ‘AH! a little more to the right!’ she made a mental note for when she needed to blind walk again. Reaching towards the door she looked around, taking in her family laying on the floor half drunk and the other half high covered in cake, both equally dead asleep. Something about watching her family sound asleep while she is up at such odd hour made her wanna disturb them too.

“FIREWORKS” she yelled as she ran for the balcony slamming it shut loud enough to wake everyone up. She cracked watching those sleepy little faces angrily glaring at her, but her laughter didn’t last when the little ones soon realized the glaring lights and ran to her. Pushing her aside they slammed it open even more loudly bringing back the noises to surround the interior again. The drunk elder clan followed the light and soon she ended up on the balcony watching those lights. Struggling to get back to her comfy bed, she was snuggled up against him leaving her no choice but to look up and as she did, she forgot everything on the interior.


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