There are many ways a writer makes it a point to sharpen his skills on a regular basis. That ritual soon turns into a habit making it easier to write yet push a writer enough to challenge oneself. For those who already have this ritual planted deep into their schedule will very brightly share it with fellow writers. The many who can’t figure out how to keep their skill alive try each and every ‘ritual’ they hear about until they find something that sticks.

I am no exclusion to this ritual hunting and have searched more websites than I can remember on how to better your writing or even more make it regular. Being always on the hunt to journal my thoughts on a regular basis, I found this “3 Page Early Morning Writing” or more popularly known as “Morning Pages” which works both for my creativity and my journaling. The absolute rule of doing this first thing in the morning denies me the pleasure of working out. Now when I mean working out I mean yoga. As hard as a non cultivator of new habits person I am, it took me so much strength and will to pracitce yoga on a regular basis. Health comes first.

As you start writing, the first few lines of the page seem daunting. The empty page being filled up with nosensical stuff and ruining the beauty of the white sheet is what crosses my mind which only eases as I keep ruining my sheet. Once you get through halfway of the page you realize it’s already ruined no point in stopping now.

The beauty of writing early in the morning is you starting it with all the things you are grateful for. The beast is when you start realizing that you are either wasting all this great opportunities or that you arent worth them. As your thoughts progress so does your anxiety, depression and self doubt. This goes on for the entire page and as you flip to the next you realize you need solutions, soultions to the problems you’ve had, you still have and for those in the future. May be even ideas to create or implement beautiful things in your life. The page of opportunites. Then I hit reality. Reality of how all those plans will always be just that and that nothing will ever change even if I do. But you don’t end it on a bad note, because no matter how badly depressed you are you’ve filled your quota and now the deep buried happy you slowly crawls up to make it a happy ending. Because that’s what we always crave secretly “A Happy Ending”

Satisifed yet confused but blisfully pleased with self you close your journal now three pages filled, put it away slowly realizing you need to do it all over again tomorrow. This was my 3 page misery Morning Pages with a very abrupt happy ending. If you are willing to take this rollercoaster for about 30-45 minutes all you need is a book, a pen and a place to sit and write where you wont fall asleep easily.

Do give this a try and let me know how it went. Don’t forget to follow(if you haven’t already) for more of my experimental results on various stuff! Have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “3 Page Misery

  1. Hallo, I made it back here at last! just found link from your last guest feature at BW – I am following your blog but haven’t really been keeping up with mail links or the reader. This was a nice read about ‘ritual’. I’m not really a writerly type and just bash at my page whether real or virtual and enjoy or shrink at whatever my failings throw back at me next time i read it! So I don’t really ‘ritual-hunt’ for writing purpose. I do a few odd things kind of ritualistically but mostly away from writing. Music and art of everyday life type stuff and ways of remembering. If I had a choice i’d write a lot less, be creative in other ways instead and do other necessary and pleasurable things. But never mind. i do enjoy writing when functional enough (and don’t mind leaving my nonsense on my own public pages). Habits and schedules are just a bit implausible sometimes. Still, it can be nice to be human, trying to be a machine isn’t possible for most of us after all. As I was reading this I was wondering that you might like to reblog or adapt one of your posts like this over at BW on a Saturday creative writing feature? (You prob already know that Pam leads on that one if you’re interested pop in on her latest post there!) Apols if that’s putting on you, as you already confirmed a feature slot there for the authorstory and it might be too much even to suggest something else. But it was an enjoyable read here and fits the CrWrt theme. If I were younger I’d seriously consider some yoga as I grew up learning a little and tried sometimes, but sticking with the Alexander Technique for my health and away for a coffee now as I’m late taking a break again. Hope to catch up again another day much sooner, sorry for long comment and best wishes for the rest of the New Year!

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    1. Hey! Thank you for such sweet comment. I love reading them all. I’d like to take a look at CrWrt too, I found it more to be writing something creatively like a story or such. I do do other creative stuff sketch and draw a lot. But then I get involved so much in them I forget to write😂 I would gladly take on another post for BW. Thanks for letting me know. 😊


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