To be in your arms, she thought to herself, is a blessing I’ll never take for granted. He curls into her more, pulling her by the waist, crossing his legs a little more tighter, breathing in her scent with his face buried in her neck. “I can’t stop kissing you!” she whispers softly, placing her smooth kisses gently on his cheeck.

He seemed lost in her, waking up to this would be nothing short of magic, she couldn’t stop admiring his beautiful face. He looked so peaceful, so beautifully resting, she nudge his nose with hers, he moved slightly lower finding his favorite resting place for his face, her collar bone. A smile crawled over her lips watching him furrow like a kid moved from his favorite sleeping position. “I love you so much” she whispered again.

He didn’t say a word, but that didn’t bother her at all, she knew with every breath he takes, with every inch he curls into her, that was his was of saying he loves her too, probably more than she does him. His hair smells so nice, she wondered knowing he didn’t wash it for days. The more she looked at him, the more he appeared to be a child. A little boy so beautifully rested. She was smiling without realizing, I never had this, she thought to herself, and I will never let go of this.

A love so pure comes by so rare, she started kissing him softly on the cheeks waking him up, wanting to tell him how lucky she feels and how blessed she is to have this moment. He pushes his head deeper into her neck, tightening his wrap forcing her to stay lay. Realizing his attempts she bursts into laughter and he wakes up making the most adorable annoyed face, “You never lay still with me!” he complained, turning the other side, “there you are free,  you don’t need me at all!” Her laughter only grows louder and she spoons him pulling him closer wanting to give him those extra few minutes, and he turns around smiling as wide as he can pulling her closer in to his arms.

This is the kinda of love I always needed but never knew until I met you, she told herself, kissing his nose, “I love you” she said, he curled into her and that was all the response she needed.


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