“What was your happiest moment? What was your unhappiest?” he read off the paper.

“Seriously? you wanna start with such a simple yet stupid question?” she asked wishing he’d skip that.

“No I wanna know, as simple as it may be, I wanna know,” he said folding his arms waiting for her to answer.

“Ok, fine.” she gave in, knowing he wouldn’t give up. He smiled which made it only worse for her.

“So,” she exhaled, dreading to have to tell him this, “I can’t remember the day or time, it was about a year ago, probably afternoon, cause the Sun was out and it was too hot. It was a celebration, not my birthday nor someone else’s, it was jus a celebration of something. I remember being happy, I remember his arm around me. He picked up his beer, pulling me in closer without putting much thought. He was discussing something with others, but everything around me faded. There was no background noise, there was no one else in the room for me except him.

“He didn’t notice me staring, like always, but this was the day for me. I waited for three years for him to be finally single. At some point I even gave up hope. He felt closer than ever, he was acting differently too. It’s been four days since he finally called it off. Got rid of her for good. Now we were back to being together, but this time that wasn’t enough for me, I wanted the title, a name to our relation.

“He looked at me, smiling about something. In that second everything froze and he was staring right at me, then he leaned in and planted a soft yet deep kiss on my forehead. I must have shivered, cause he laughed aloud. I kept looking at him, half amazed, half in awe, but he looked away, pulling me closer and talking with others.

“I thought this was it, he never kissed me before, I am gonna say it. So I leaned in and whispered, ‘I need to tell you something’ without even turning to me, he asked what it was, ‘i said not here’ and then something changed.

“He got up even before I finished my sentence and paced towards the door, I could see someone coming through and he held the door open. He was blocking my view jus like a few others and I couldn’t make out who it was, and then there it was. A beautiful girl, in a bright yellow dress, so bright she could outshine the Sun. Just as easily he took me under his arm, he took her under his just as delicately. There was no hidden meaning, they were both blushing red. That was it. That was my happiest and my saddest” she said trying not look directly to him.

All the color in his face faded away, he wanted to say something, but nothing made a sensible response for him, realizing she wouldn’t say anything, he adjusted himself forward trying to reach her hand, “But that was us back…”

“Hey, Hon. Ready to leave?” guy in blue bolted in, with a tired look. She turned to him, relaxing her breath and hugged him tighter than usual. “Whoa! Is everything ok babe?” he asked lifting her chin, “Yea, everything is fine. I just missed you” she said, holding his arm tighter. “Oh, that’s sweet honey!” he said rubbing her cheek.

“Well, we should leave, I’ll call you later. Ok?” she said to the guy on the couch and turned around to leave even before he could answer.

He watched them leave, laughing and smiling, he watched her smile as never before, wondering why? Why now? After all this time, why tell me this now? Then he realized, it was now she was finally over her fantasy of him and her together, it was now she didn’t need him anymore, it was now she stopped feeling guilty about “them” never happening. He also realized how a fool he was, how he went around running for the shiniest thing thinking it was the diamond, while all along he had one right with him.

“Hey, baby. Shall we leave then?” a girl in a bright yellow dress asked him. He looked up to her taking in that this is what he’ll always have now, just a shiny thing with no real value. “Yea we should, I am already late,” he said walking out of there not bothering to check if she was next to him.


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      1. Hope to see you read my book one day : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara : now in 118 libraries India , 3 in USA , 16 countries . There are traces of me in many stories . ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ

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