‘What’s wrong?’

‘I don’t feel good?’

‘Is everything ok? Why are you upset?’

‘I am not upset, my mood isn’t all happy. That’s it. Nothing to be worried about. I am just hungry, I’ll be fine if I eat’

He is always so worried about me. I was fine all through the movie and once we are out I feel annoyed, frustrated and disappointed. It’s not his fault he can’t keep up with my mood swings. Hell I can’t keep up with my mood swings. I know I’ve done nothing to deserve him. He’s always kind, worried, trying to make me feel better. Something bothers me at times and I can’t shake the feeling away, this impacts our relationship very badly.

‘Shall we leave then?’


‘To eat.’

‘Oh, yeah.’

‘Come on then.’

There are very few men who are open about their feelings, who bear with your phases better than you do yourself. He is one of the very rare. He does everything perfectly out of a book. Always holds me close, does not hesitate to show his love yet is sometimes shy to even look me directly. He’s a dream come true. Talks about me all the time, but never makes me a show-off. He’s proud of me all the time, deals with me gently.

Even now, he’s holding my hand so softly, as if he is gonna break me. I am strong and he makes sure I remember that, but never forgets to be gentle when required. I look at him sitting across me now. Trying to capture a reflection of how he sees me through his phone, but the lens doesn’t have his eye. I come out not so beautiful but it’s ok, he still looks at me the same. That look is all I need to forget all about my frustration, my anger, and annoying mood swings.

A look that doesn’t just admire your outsides but looks right past through that and says ‘yeah, I like this side better.’ What else can you ask for when you’ve got someone who can see past your exterior without you ever having to struggle to open it up for them.

This Valentine’s day, My Valentine couldn’t have been better even if searched.

‘Happy Valentine’s day Sweetie’

‘Happy Valentine’s Day Honey’



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