About a month ago I discovered “Mom” TV series. Didn’t quite like the first few episodes but there were already 3 seasons out and I had absolutely no interest of doing anything but sit my ass down in front of the TV or Laptop watching endless movie or series marathons.

It was exactly like when I discovered “Supernatural”, although I was blown away with Dean Winchester since the beginning. I became so into watching and completing the series that I did almost nothing but watch the show from the minute I woke up to the time my mom forced to shut it off at night. It was all repeating again, it’s all good and well when you are doing just one series or one season over the weekend coz you just feel like being lazy this once, but what about when that is what you do for about the entire week and then two more weeks.

For the entire month I just wasted away  my time, forgot all about writing, reading and art, just sat there motionless, waiting to get to the finale. I was finally caught up with all the episodes of MOM and my answer for What now? was movies. I went on to watch one movie after an another endlessly. It only made me more depressed and made me feel guilty for just wasting away all my time, I was bound to feel that sooner or later.

Then I watched Captain Fantastic. It blew me away. Everything in that movie was a reflection of everything I was doing wrong. Trust me I am not going to move into a jungle anytime soon with all intellectual books that I probably will never completely understand. Yet I am forced to make a change about everything I am right now. That change started with giving up my all-time addiction, Television.

When I say telly, I mean everything video. Movies, Series, Reality shows, News, Discovery, watching those cute animals kill each other, YouTube and everything in between. Let me tell you, it’s been a week and I am dying on the inside for a glimpse of the latest Supernatural episode and missing the Oscars, that was just a curse upon myself.

Even so, I am getting by. Also I happen to see the positive effects already. I don’t skip my exercise anymore, doing a lot more reading and studying than usual, my brain is getting whacked up on so many art ideas, it’s good. But as with any addiction I get really bored really fast. I feel empty while having my food anytime of the day. Living with my family doesn’t make it any easier coz the TV runs all day, so I get a glimpse now and then but it takes so much effort to not sit yourself down and walk away from even the news by that weird reader with a screechy voice you hated so much.

All in all I’ve given myself a year’s time of no TV and wanna see where it leads me, although there is a lil exception coming March 17th where I’ll be going for Beauty and the Beast, but apart from that no slip backs at all. I pray and hope to keep this up and writing about it makes my will only stronger, hence the babble about my silly stupid decision πŸ™‚

Grace Anne


26 thoughts on “A week of giving up TV

  1. Wow! You’ve have got amazing restraint. I have felt guilty when I all did during the weekends was to binge watch one series after the other. It’s really hard to stop once you’re really into it. I hope for your sake that you can continue the streak

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  2. I can get obsessive as well. If a find a show I like I want to watch all of it; if I’m reading a good book, I want to read it constantly; and now that I’m writing my second novel, I can’t stop writing. But I guess I don’t do it out of depression or something like that. If it makes me happy, than I do it.

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