You can put together a 1000 word piece in it’s perfect most emotionally exceptional form to align the one struggle of your life you truly never heal from, but that could be nothing more than a ‘you complain too much, too often’ essay to others

They see it, read the pain and even respond, ‘oh dear, the horrors you’ve been through’ but when you repeat it twice, it becomes the story of how you aren’t​ trying hard enough.

Yet you know, you’ve come a long way from the first day it hurt you. How broken and in pieces you were. You know how long and how hard it took to pick one piece at a time and finding where it lay. Holding the forming cracked pieces of self so tight so they won’t be broken again. Protecting yourself at the same time as making yourself again. 

The worse wonders of when someone tells you ‘you should move on already’ is that they’ve been through something too. Something more worse or something a bit bearable or something similar. Yet they refuse to see where you are from where you were, concentrating only on where you should’ve been and why aren’t you already there.

Humans have such huge capability of empathy that spreads endless to anyone it touches, yet such low patience to place that hand long enough on the shoulder that needed it most. 

As I write I realise I’m not immune to this horrible short-lived span of empathy. Which makes it even worse, as it ends in me thinking of myself as selfish. Selfish for saying no one gets it while not trying hard enough to get others pain.

What are we here for if not to spread happiness, but if we don’t truly acknowledge the pain how can we aim to heal with happiness?


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