Some things in life are so easily given and as easily taken away. Love and happiness are most easily given and even more so easily taken away. A million voices will rumble responding how they’ve never found either let alone receiving them easily.

It’s easy to be loved for some and easy to love for others. For whatever reason, all good things always come to an end. When one doesn’t want to change one is asked and told change is life, but when does change the other can’t keep up. Whatever we do give or take sounds easy to others, the one on the receiving end is passing through more, yet it doesn’t make you invisible to the pain you have to go through.

‘Strength in this life, happiness in the next’, his mother told Nixon when he was hesitant to take his’ brother’s place in college. While I was watching that movie I was half asleep and too tired to swap channels. Every other dialogue or conversation was just flying through yet that suddenly woke me up.

Pain is no stranger to anyone, good people, bad people, worse people and dickheads, everyone has known and felt it. Made me question do you really need happiness or do you need strength. One could say why can’t it be both? They are both feelings, generated in both mind and heart, physical strength rounds to zero if you can’t feel it in your heart. They are both mutually exclusive. Remember the last time you were happy, you laughed your heart out, somewhere in the deep dark corner of your heart you know this may never happen again or it may not last, hence we cherish, we feel vulnerable hence we hold on tight to that memory.

When did you feel strength last time, you might say love gives us strength but all love makes you is more vulnerable to pain. Day by day you open up imagining this will last, this will be forever and ignore that warning to hold back. One day the warning turns reality and then where is your strength. The last time you truly felt strong is when you were alone and sad and knew there is nothing more in this world that can hurt you worse than this. You were strong coz you knew it was worse.

Things and words can or cannot make sense all the time, but you know you can’t have both strength and happiness in a single lifetime at least not together. And I pick strength, Strength in this life and the next, because it lasts longer than happiness and wouldn’t leave you with false memories. Nothing kills you faster than nostalgia.


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