By Rhona Byrne ****

A more directional self help book deeply rooted on positive thinking and manifestation.

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The Secret’s 10th Anniversary Edition includes a new foreword by Rhonda Byrne, and 10 of the most life-changing insights she’s had over the last 10 years of practicing and living The Secret every day. The 10 insights alone will accelerate your understanding and mastery of the law of attraction.


This feels like one of those mythological books which tell you what to do and you are supposed to believe it can change things for you based on the true stories they provide you. If you are living in India every temple and God has a version of this to do a specific pooja and a book ready to tell you how it worked for others.

This is quite definitely one of those books which can only have two outcomes, either you love it and wanna live it or you throw it away in a corner and call it complete crap, there is no middle review. As you can see I’ve give 4 stars which means I am leaning to the love it review part.

Book contains what every other self help book does, a set of  instructions and ideas that need to be implemented as suited or required. What this differs is in introducing with a single concept and only a single rule for every and any situation. “One size fits all” kinda principle.

I have been wanting to read this book forever but never got to the point of buying it. I didn’t buy it now as well, this was a gift from a friend who came to know I wanted to buy but never got to. I do have to thank him for this, coz I loved every word of this book.

My mom always was big on smiling at the end of the day and letting go of things. She is very spiritual and believes in letting go of anything that goes beyond our control and just pray for what you need. Growing up in the 21st century you become a little cynical about God and you lose faith easily. This book dwells on the concept of faith and positive thinking.

Do not mistake it for a spiritual book, it is anything but. It concentrates on faith at its core. Before faith became dependent on a invisible power named God, faith in its purity was just believing something good will happen all the time. When you have unconditional faith immediate results or not you will hold on to it and any outcome wouldn’t seem disappointing. When you expect someone to fulfill it with a 100 doubts running in your head it is easily directed to failure which will make you start thinking that nothing good ever happens.

For those who don’t believe mind can manifest things, I want you to observe what your mind can actually control. Listening to a particular song in different situations makes you feel different things. It could be a sad song but when you are abundant on happiness you feel the joy in it and vice versa. Our mind controls stuff, it is silly to think it can only control to a certain limit.

This is what the book tells you. On gaining control over thoughts so you would actual be in control of your life than let your brain decide to sulk for rest of the day.

Should you read it? Yes. Its a big YES! You might not like it, you might love it, one thing for sure is it will definitely get you thinking. Worth your time absolutely



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