Life is hard, death is even more difficult, but rising from the grave, now that is just “I shit my pants scary”. 

Without being overly dramatic(than I’ve already been) let me clarify no one has died, at least no one I know personally nor did anyone rise from the dead, coz you’d probably have heard it if happened coz that would be world news by now. 

The only person dead is the blogger within me. People usually have a rut or a phase of being unproductive or an involuntary break of their work, but I have the opposite of it. I have phase of productivity happening surrounded by endless unproductivity. Now I gather this is simply called “being lazy” which might be pretty accurate but a more accurate term would be “losing the meaning of your life”

I can definitely and easily blame my irregular behaviour at everything on my depression but deep down I know I’m depressed yet that’s not why I’m being lazy. Now I wanna blabber more about my pathetic unproductivity but just to stop this post from turning into a ‘I am a loser’ post or ‘Getting productive from tomorrow’ goal post, I wanna remind myself and whoever is reading this a few up beat updates of my life so far.

Starting with I’ve taken lettering more seriously point, I’d like to mention that now I have an instagram account for my art and lettering which is very interesting to check out, if I say so myself. It’s called Aakrutya arts and lettering (aakrutya) you can easily click on it, check, follow and leave a comment if you like it.

Then comes my reading, I’ve been picking up slack and am on a reading spree which might last for a short period but is very beneficiary for me right now

I’m picking up on my health too. Which is really an achievement in itself, coz I could never keep up with my health for more than a day.

 Little things make up for great changes, even if this is a little yet boring update, it puts a ray of hope that I could be better than my lazy self and perhaps find a meaning in my everyday nothingness.

Hope to return soon with my usual self.


Grace Anne


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