‘He was a really great husband, a great father and a remarkable person. He will always be cherished and celebrated for all the good he was and I ask you to remember him in smiles and laughter instead of tears. Thank you’

Folding her speech softly back into her pocket she wiped away a tear. ‘Strong and Tall. That’s who you are Jill’ whispered her daughter in her father’s tone, embracing her. She leaned into her daughter wanting to confess he was the only and all her strength, but all she mutter was ‘He loved you so much Emma.’

‘Excuse me Jill,’ interrupting their embrace Don held out two envelopes in his hand in their direction, ‘I found this on the porch they were in your name’ saying he handed out Emma and Jill separately. They stared at each other reading the name of the sender, Richard.

‘How can papa send this?’ Emma asked turning to look at her mother who was equally surprised, ‘It’s dated a week ago, he must’ve written it before. Let’s just read it’ she said tearing away the seal impatiently. Emma sat on the sofa, while Jill slouched into the one opposite to her trying hard to hold off the tears.

He wrote a letter for us, she thought opening, always thinking about us. Smiling about how amazing he was she started reading it,

“To my dearest Jill,

Sounds cheesy doesn’t it, ‘my dearest’. You’ve always been my dearest though sweetheart. There was no greater happiness in the world than to see you glowing in the morning sunlight, watching you roll over trying to ignore the day starting. You were always so beautiful to me, even when you hide away from me as soon as you wake up coz your hair isn’t perfect for you, you were always perfect to me. I loved you in every way and every shade of yours, completely and wholly. My day would be incomplete, wouldn’t even feel like it started unless I watched you go from a careless lover to a poised women. The way you move around in front of the mirror, taping your feet softly to whatever music I played. It was pure magic. I felt blessed and was completely content.

Then came Emma, I didn’t even realize I couldn’t get anymore happier but then she smiled. She took my breath away that one. Everyday she surprises me, amazes me of how such a miracle can be a daughter of such a simple man, but then I knew you the answer, she has a even more gifted mother.

We had it all Jill, but that wasn’t enough for you was it? I was so blind to your games coz I never thought you’d need to play games. You had everything Jill. Yet you weren’t satisfied unless you took everything away from me. I did everything right for you, for her, for this family and to everyone I knew. Yet I am the one dying while you survive as the best wife there is. So here’s my dying revenge on you sweetheart.

There couldn’t come a better time in life that I pass away, Emma is turning 18 and I can give her everything she ever needs and make her realize she doesn’t need you. Here’s what you need to know how your life is gonna change. You might be wondering she will forgive you that you repent on what you did. But I took care of it too.

She is a very kind woman. She could easily melt away for you. But she wouldn’t ever do that once she realizes that the women she holds so dear didn’t just cheat on the father she adores all along their marriage, but she did it with a person who didn’t hesitate abuse his own daughter.

Yes Jill, he abused my daughter. You were so caught up in your petty romances you couldn’t hear your own daughter’s cries. I was the one who found out and spoke to my daughter and held her hand through years of suffering. I made sure he never touched her again but after this letter she will never forgive you. Even after all this, you shamelessly begged him to take you back when he left you for a younger version of you. That only helps my case

At this dreading moment in your life when you were rejected by that asshole and lost your husband, your only ray of shine being your daughter and your glorious reputation as the perfect wife. I am taking it all away from you in a split second. I can rest in peace knowing that you are incapable of surviving on your own and now that your beauty is lost too, you have nothing to woo other to do things for you. Rest of your happy healthy life will be spent away dreading every moment, waiting for death yet not strong enough to kill yourself.

That’s who you are Jill, a coward whore.

Adinos Bitch!”

She looked up, horror filled faced looking straight at the daughter who was already staring at her with disgust.




7 thoughts on “Adinos Bitch

      1. True. Genuine relationships and honest people have become very rare these days. I don’t know what came upon humanity. Since sex have gotten easier, people these days are cheating easily and they have no regrets doing that.

        P.S : I recently discovered your blog and subscribed. You have a unique style of writing. I’m lovin’ it.


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