On the evening of August, 2015 this blog was created with the thought of sharing the experience of reading to other book lovers out there, but rather this be another book review blog this blog was intended to be something beyond a plain review, an experience maybe. An experience in which the book is not just called good or bad or rated out of 5 stars methodically.

Soon it was realized that creating a blog is real easy but keeping your head straight with the idea you’ve created is really difficult. Can take a good couple of weeks to realize how or when or what to post about; is it even related to the blog or is it something you write just to keep it alive.

And after good amount of time I’ve realized that what you originally create a blog keeping in mind a specific idea is just the surface of the real idea you want to post about. So here’s what this blog is about:

I’ve started reading books quite late in my life, late teens to be precise, now in my early 20s, by now the world has had so many book revolutions happening that it’s easy to get way in over your head about what to read and what not to, what do you like, the cheesy romances or classics, modern history or war oriented, fiction or short stories.

I love reading, that I was sure of, but no matter what I read I was questioned about my true love for books. This is my way of starting to read the world from the earliest I can find, century by century. Turning over pages slowly and going to through every year’s famous and know books, not every maybe few and knowing love and literature at my own pace.

So here you’ll find about my reading experience about books of ages which will only bring closer to my sanity and my love of reading. Feel free to enjoy the reviews and critique every post 🙂

20 day world, because I don’t read on Thursdays and Fridays, personal reasons!! Hence I read 20 days a Month, which means I’m immersed in the book world for 20 days!!

P.S. Now and then you’ll find a post about my art (my teenage obsession), and some crazy unrelated posts too, just coz something pops up in my life that’s crazy and deserves a mention, like falling off a cliff (that didn’t happen, would be cool though if happened! No I am not suicidal, just imaging it in spider-man kinda fall, the Toby Maguire one).


Grace Anne


27 thoughts on “About

  1. I have read some on your home page. Read your about also. I take note of the fact that you did not read much until late teens. I am a career reading specialist and I wonder what turned you on at that time. Also I’m wondering if it was a matter of your being able to read but not interested or did you find reading difficult?

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    1. It started out as a self help! I was emotionally unstable and down all the time!! Felt like I needed something that would help me move on from all the pain. As I got more into reading I got better with my emotions.
      I never found Reading to be hard, but it was hard to read some intellectual and verbiage filled books. So read mostly novels with simpler stories. And as the habit grew, now I can pick up any book and read without any diversions in my brain
      You job sounds cool btw 🙂

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  2. Haha, cute about post. Has given me the sense that i am bound to enjoy my time here hence the follow. Staying tuned. Cheers! to new friendship 🙂 – Cezane

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  3. Hey there Grace Anne! I found you through a friend (or a friend of a friend) and your blog looked interesting so I thought I’d tell you. It’s October, and in honor of my birthday month I’m hoping to find 10 fun and exciting bloggers a day and strike up a conversation with them; who knows, maybe you’ll come visit me and join in the fun, maybe even follow? Have a good one!

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